Labor Day Flash Sale Email Templates

Summer is over and Labor Day is the perfect holiday to start the selling season.

Use our Labor Day specific 3 day flash sale emails that make it easy to have a quick sale next week and bring in some post-summer revenue.

5 plug and play email templates

How to fill in the blanks video training

Social Media canva templates

5 plug and play email templates

Download your templates today, fill them in and send them out!

Use this again and again for future flash sales in your business.

And you won't be left wondering how to use the templates either... I do a video walk through on how to get the most out of your messaging and emails for your flash sale.

Best practices and tips for writing sales emails that work, and don't burn out your audience.

Use this training for all of your future emails!

Bonus sales page outline

The sales page for your flash sale should be simple, so we created a video to walk you through exactly what to put on the page.

Including a workbook that outlines the page and the script for the quick sales video you will add to the page.

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Bonus canva templates

Depending on your personality and brand we create an elegnat template set and a playful template set.

These are good for Instagram, Facebook, Stories, or even LinkedIn

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I love me some Labor Day because it's the perfect Boss Mom holiday

My name is Dana Malstaff and I am the founder of Boss Mom® and here are the few things you need to know about me...

- I originally grew Boss Mom® on quick flash big launches here... and you can too.
- I love content strategy & messaging in a way I can't even express and have helped hundreds of Boss Moms create better messaging, content, and sales.
- My corporate background is in marketing & online program development and since I started my business (back in 2015) I have had just under 30k students accross more than 17 courses.
- I'm a huge believer in the brainstorming process and you will see that in all of my training and templates.
- I created Boss Mom because I want us to show our children that doing what we love can be financially viable, which means I am on a mission to get moms around the world to start more businesses in an easy ssutainable way.

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